Our Solution

Our Solution

CVOS-USA’s enhanced CARBON SiX Printer Fleet Programs empower you by consolidating all your printers’ management, operational tasks and expenses into a single program. Our program gives you clear visibility into your printer fleet cost, efficiencies and end user behavior.

Most companies have an understanding of the copiers total cost per page but have no accurate method for determining their printer’s cost per page.

Print output is divided between your copy machines and desktop printers with a growing amount of printing done on network and non network printers.

Maintenance, supplies and machines expenses are rarely consolidated as a result printer operational costs are difficult to calculate.


Cost Reduction

Studies predict that office print usage will grow by 5.5% this year with color printing is forecast to grow at 18.5%. Because color prints cost 5 to 10 times more than the cost of black and white, our online tools and reports give you the ability clearly to understand specific and overall operational printer costs. We give you control by monitoring every device and helping you find ways to improve print efficiencies. learn more >>

Management Control

Desk top printers are unmanaged with no centralized method of calculating operating cost. Our integrated software suite and customized programs provide instant visibility to all operational and supply expenses. Fragmented decision making and purchasing for hardware, supplies and service make it impossible to determine the actual cost of printing. Our tools give you visibility and control over the cost of printing, allowing you to make solid fact based management decisions. learn more >>

Printer Fleet Monitoring

We provide you with a system to ensure improved employee productivity. Very few things inhibit office productivity more than a printer that is out of service. Many of the companies we serve initially had many different brands and models of printers. That meant that it was nearly impossible to stock all of the required toner, manage all of the print drivers and coordinate service with multiple vendors. CVOS-USA helps you develop a printer standard which reduces downtime by streamlining supply management, simplifying software requirements and improving end user productivity. learn more >>

Minority Purchasing Programs

CVOS-USA has Minority and Disabled Veteran partners to help our customers who need to fulfill diversity procurement goals.  Our program goal is to give opportunities to minority owned companies that help provide jobs for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) markets. To request more information please click here